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Are you looking for a supplier of Parcel or Packaging Tape?

PACKRIGHT Packaging Materials stock a huge range of packaging materials inc parcel tapes, packaging tapes, bubble wrap, cartons and boxes and much more!

We supply a huge range of packaging and parcel tapes including polypropylene, low noise and vinyl plus our very heavy duty cross weave reinforced tape

We also stock a range of colours from the standard Clear, Brown or White to the not so common Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Ornage etc

Plus, If you manage to find parcel tape, packaging tape, bubble film, cartons, boxes or any of our packaging materials cheaper elsewhere simply give one of our friendly sales team a call on <b>01268 768 768</b>

To order parcel tape, packaging tape or packaging materials now visit <a href="">Parcel Tape</a>

Make the RIGHT choice, choose PACKRIGHT!

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