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Color Guide

 [ CMYK ]

CMYK color mode is four different ink mixed in color printing. Cyan ( Blue ), Magenta ( Pink ), Yellow and Black is referred as CMYK, which is used in general paper printing processes. Unlike RGB color mode, CMYK absorbs four colors into white paper surface, which it creates unsaturated color on final printed product. Whilst the production encompass the final color via running through four different components : Cyan->Magenta->Yellow->Black, the colors absorbs each component run after run, which the tiny particles of each color produces a block of a color to a human eye in halftoned form. Thus, CMYK produces wide spectrum of colors but not in saturated form.

[ RGB ]

RGB color mode is combination of three primary colors : Red, Green, Blue. This value represents the colors that are exhibited through electronic devices such as monitors, television, cameras and other forms of computer systems. It uses lights to pass through the primary colors, using the reflections on the human eye of these color to represent multiple color spectra on screens. It is a complete opposite process compared to the any color modes that is applied on ink, paint or other method that uses white as a main base material. Due to the use of light wavelength to create the color schemes, RGB creates strong vibrancy in color. However, this value is only for viewing purposes through electronic system, not to translate into a physical material form.

[ Pantone ]

Pantone is also knows as PMS : Pantone Matching System, which itself is multiple color schemes used in various industries comprises a painting/coloring as a representing method. Using 14 different color pigment mixes, Pantone uniquely created standard color matching system to unify the colors in different manufacturing sectors. Since then, Pantone has been an ideal standard color reference to industries and businesses. Although the current pantone values are broad, it still does not depict the colors processed via CMYK mode.

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